As we enthusiastically hurtle into the new year that is 2023, we take a few moments to celebrate all that is new, fresh and worth being grateful for … and use the excuse to tap away at a keyboard in a climate controlled space rather than face the Karoo inferno that is currently raging outdoors, the thermometer seemingly stuck in an almost constant forty degree melting pot that they call summer.

But at least our heat-numbed heads can still keep their cool and appreciate all the positives the middle of a Karoo summer has to offer, like watching another spectacular sunset with a cooling breeze on our faces, sipping ice cold bubbles, and reflecting on what’s hot and happening and keeping us happy and wilt-free as Mother Nature shows the thermometer who rules the temperature roost.

Keep reading and enjoy our very hot off the press news.

With (very warm) love,
Inga, Albert, Ferdinand, and the DKG Team

Karoo Old Farm Dam

The old farm dam is currently the most loved gathering point at Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse, and not necessarily because of our stylish Spanish tiles.

Welcome to our wilt-free zone!

Dennehof 2022 Year End

This amazing team really pulled together over the Festive Season with barely a day off, ensuring operations were smooth and guests happy.

We suspect the good dose of bubbles at our year-end function might have carried everyone through, either way, we are eternally grateful to these beautiful faces!

King Ferd at Reception

Too hot and happening is our Guest Liaison Officer, Ferdinand. He might not like the heat, but his meet-and-greet enthusiasm wins over soaring temperatures every time, ensuring guests receive the Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse welcome we are famous for.

Dennehof Fresh Sourdough

Keeping us (and our breakfast guests) happy is the fact that our luscious sourdough loves are not being thwarted (too much) by the heat, still forcing out a bit of a rise.

Unfortunately electricity woes are having more success in the thwarting department, our baking attempts not always conducive to looking wilt-free when the load-shedding schedule dictates a 2am baking start.

Karoo Summer Weddings

Wedding happiness abounds, huge congratulations Melandrie and Martin Bester, thank you for bringing so much love and laughter to Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse over your wedding weekend in December, and well done on choosing a cooler one, with rain nogal!

We look forward to celebrating many anniversaries with you here at Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse.

Fresh produce in the Karoo

Homegrown happiness!

They say there are no traffic lights in Prince Albert – well, ours are bringing traffic to a standstill.

We can guarantee that these beauties are pure Karoo, extra sun-ripened, and the sweetest little tomatoes you ever will taste.

Dennehof Veld Feast

Our exclusive Veld Feast dinners are back for summer, two already done and Karoo dusted, fortunately during kinder mercury readings than current, with a few more on the way.

Contact us to arrange your super-duper sunset sundowner scrumptious harvest table experience, before the end of the season mid-April, booked in conjunction with a minimum two-night stay at Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse.

Prince Albert Journey to Jazz

Journey to Jazz lead-up Kronkeldraai Concerts have begun.

First to grace the intimate Barn venue at Gay’s Guernsey Dairy was Derek Gripper, and what a night of potjie, kuier and good old Karoo gees it was.

Jazz aficionados diarise 3 – 7 May 2023 to be part of this proudly Prince Albert production, read more here.

Self Catering Prince Albert

Hot and happening and under Dennehof Karoo

Guesthouse management is our neighbouring property The Barn.

Possibly the best views in Prince Albert, this home is an entertainers dream to use estate agent speak.

Although completely self-sufficient, the good news is that guests can still join us for our famous breakfasts.
Contact us to book (the Barn or breakfast), or have a look at the Airbnb listing for more details and photos.

King Ferdi Gallop

As we enthusiastically hurtle into the new year that is 2023, we take a few moments to celebrate our guests, without whom the above news would be irrelevant nonsensical ramblings about the heat. Although potentially even with guests the above are irrelevant nonsensical ramblings about the heat, but we blame the heat for that!.

We digress … thank you dear guests for your support and love, and for always keeping us entertained and regaled, we hope to see you all again very, very soon.

We hope you enjoyed Dennehof Diaries’ “Summer Scrawlings”, and that our news has left you feeling hot to trot and itching for a visit to our beautiful oasis, we promise by the time you book, the heat wave will have passed, and we might already be complaining about the cold!

Speaking of, please stick around for our “Autumn Oracles” and any other tidbits in between.

Thank you for your support, please come visit us soon.

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