If asked to sum up our first Karoo Summer in one word ‘abundance’ immediately springs (or should that read ‘summers’?) to mind.
Abundant sun, abundant warmth, abundant fruit, abundant rain … ‘whoa, stop the summer bus’, I hear you exclaim, ‘wrong part of the country for abundant rain’. No siree, it’s true, 110mm these past six weeks, a whole ‘dam’ more than the 38mm annual average the last eight years!
But wait, our abundance list is incomplete, still to be added are abundant leaks, some more abundant leaks, and just a few more abundant leaks, during all the abundant rain.
Thankfully we are not using the ship analogy from our ‘Spring Scribblings’ newsletter because if so, this leaky barge would be well sunk by now, her crew spluttering mouthfuls of water and profanities.
But behind every rain cloud is a dry silver lining, and it is incredible to see a water-happy Karoo ‘summer’ to life. Abundant flowers create a colourful carpet of beauty as far as the eye can see, abundant fruits hang heavy and sweet on peach, apricot, and nectarine trees, and there is the promise of abundant pomegranates and figs to follow in the next couple of weeks.
We have abundantly many things to be thankful for, the first being that we are still afloat eight months after edging this barge out to sea.

For further abundance, please scroll down …

Abundant Cuteness

King Ferdinand of Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse is the newest member of the DKG Team and at 5 months of age, he is showing huge potential in the laundry room, his gardening talents are growing from strength to strength, but his absolute  forte  is as our official Guest Liaison Officer.

Abundant Love

We were honored to host gorgeous bride Nina and her entourage for a weekend of celebration and love as she started her married journey with Andreas – Congratulations Mr & Mrs Dercksen!

Abundant Karoo

Dinner for two, a veld-feast under magnificent Karoo skies, does it get more appealing or romantic than that?
What a treat to conceptualise and host this incredible 50th birthday dinner, the mouthwatering feast provided by our neighbours at YellowHouse.
Contact us and let’s chat on how to make it your most unique celebration yet.

Abundant Breakfast

The Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse breakfast has gotten a bit of facelift; we are always striving to reinvent and rejuvenate the most important meal of the day because breakfast should be fun not functional.
Guests are loving our very instagram-able deconstructed fruit salad.
* Tip: basil flowers are a very tasty and visually appealing addition to our summer fruits.

Abundant Colour

Summer and drab do not work well together hence we have given our previously white adirondack chairs a new lease on life with brand-new, shiny-red coats offset beautifully by the yellow and green in our indigenous Karoo garden.

Abundant Style

A bit of pepping up both outside and in. We are loving our new Mungo summer bed throws and whimsical Hertex Haus scatters. Watch this space for more room face-lifts planned for early 2022.

Abundant Harvest

Our fruit trees are putting on their finest show just months after laying their roots in the Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse gardens. We look forward to home-grown fruits gracing many a guest’s breakfast plate in the months and years to come.

Spotted Eagle Owl

Abundant Owlets

We were positively giddy with excitement at the first sighting of our resident Spotted Eagle Owl’s two owlet offspring.
Dr Who and his missus, WhoToo, certainly took their time getting down to the birds and the bees business, but the two resulting cuties were well worth the wait.

Spotted Eagle Owl

Abundant Greetings and Wishes

for a peaceful Festive Season to all our guests from the Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse team.
We wish you a year filled with abundant love and abundant happiness!

We hope you enjoyed Dennehof Diaries’ “Summer Scrawlings”, please stick around for our “Autumn Oracles” and any other tidbits in between.
Thank you for your support, please come visit us soon.

Sunny Karoo greetings,
Inga, Albert and the DKG Team

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