Here we are, tapping out the words bang on time for our Karoo Summer Scrawlings, round of applause please for the end of newsletter writing tardiness of past!

As this year culminates in a slightly cooler Karoo crescendo, we are temperature-grateful to have escaped the inferno that confronted us last year this time.

As we keep a cool head, it is perhaps the perfect time to reflect back on the year that was, a year filled with challenges and highlights, new additions, new adventures, and new experiences. Read on to share our reflections.

Love and best wishes,
Inga, Albert, and the DKG Team to include Ferdinand and Ella

Grand Old Dame

Reflecting on this Grand Old Dame, without whom nothing in this newsletter would be sensical. Standing (thank goodness) proud since 1835, it is only befitting that this glamorous gal has national monument status, and oh if these walls could talk …


We must also reflect  on some of the things we love about Prince Albert, the ‘Rieldans’ is high up on the list. The talent in our beautiful town is unriel (see what we did there), so happy that these age old traditions are kept alive and (dust) kicking.

King Ferd and Pricesss Elle

How could we not reflect on these two, dear Princess Ella and King Ferdinand, especially when they remind us of their presence often and comically. Our Guests love them, many book with us just to come meet them, the sweetest ‘ridgies’ you ever did meet!

Dennehof Guesthouse Staff

Also reflecting on how we could not survive without this super hero team behind us. Grateful to have these beautiful faces and kind souls make up Team Dennehof, their honesty, integrity, and loyalty humbles us time and time again.

Dennehof Fruit Gardens

Harvest reflections, and looking back at the generous bounty the guesthouse gardens have delivered. Winter citrus to include our marmalade Sevilles, lemons, limes, breakfast-juice oranges; summer fruits of pomegranates, stone fruit, figs, as well as all the herbs to make our in-house breakfast chef’s heart happy!

Dennehof Sommelier

Reflecting on more things we love: we love cheese, we love wine. We have an award-winning dairy as our neighbour, we have our very own internationally qualified sommelier, so why not marry the two loves and give our guests the perfect cheese and wine pairing experience in the old barn at Gay’s Guernsey Dairy.

Contact us to book your perfect pairing (minimum of 8 guests required).

Karoo Weddings

Love reflections and another beautiful wedding took place at Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse early November. Huge congrats Mr and Mrs Brand, may our Karoo oasis always hold a special place in your hearts.

Prince Albert Showroom Theater

The Showroom Theater has dusted its seats, swept the stage, switched on the spotlights, and thrown open the doors; how happy we all are that song and dance and movies return to to this iconic space, and what better way to add pomp and circumstance to the grand opening than with the Kyle Shepherd Trio.

Who Too

Dr Who and his missus, Who Too, have also been busy reflecting on love as is evident by their two owlets spotted (as is correct for a Spotted Eagle Owl) having a hoot around the Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse grounds.

Table Memories

Sundowner reflections with the lovely ladies of Table Memories who joined us for a Foodie Experience Weekend in October. Nothing quite like watching a Karoo sunset in the middle of the open veld, of course with hydration and sustenance on hand.

Dennehof Events

Seeing as this newsletter is all about reflecting, an image of our glass house seemed quite apt. Remember that we have the perfect setting to host your intimate celebration, please contact us to discuss making special memories together.

Karoo Skies

As the sun sets on 2023, we wish you, our wonderful guests and readers, a year ahead filled with happiness, laughter, and inspiration … all three of which can be achieved with a stay at Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse, just saying!

We hope you enjoyed Dennehof Diaries no-longer-correspondence-tardy Summer Scrawlings.
Please stick around for our also-hopefully-on-time “Autumn Oracles” and any other tidbits in between.

Thank you for your support, please come visit us soon.

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