The Dennehof Diaries: Autumn Oracles

As the seasons shift and we feel winter’s fingers gently tightening her grip on the evening air, the realisation dawns that we have almost come full circle. 1 May 2022 marks one year since our guesthouse lives began, and what a roller-coaster year it has been.
We finally breathed out a tentative sigh of relief in January when for the first time it felt like we had things ever so slightly under control, at least fifty percent of the time.
It seems only appropriate to make our Autumn newsletter one of reflection on our first year’s foray into guesthouseing.
There were ample highs including all our wonderful guests that make what we do feel necessary and worthwhile, the addition of beautiful King Ferdinand the rambunctious Rhodesian Ridgeback, as well as the many happy belly laughs our spirited staff have afforded us.
Unfortunately between the predominant highs, the lows also let themselves be known, our woes sometimes felt relentless.
Thankfully we made it through a year and as these words get tapped out on the keyboard, a feeling of calm transcends the office space, a feeling that tells us we have another good few years left in us yet.

Inga & Albert

Woes and lows aside, please scroll down for happy highs …

Karoo South Africa

It is impossible not to fall in (and stay in) love with the ever-changing beauty of the Karoo, a place where your soul is at peace and a photograph is waiting to be captured around every corner.

Dennehof Ferdinand

Exciting news, room make-overs have begun!
Our rambunctious Rhodesian Ridgeback surveys the facelift we have given the Dairy Room – previously all white, King Ferdinand approves of the royal blue wall, even if his concerned expression is a bit misleading.
More decorating updates to follow in our next newsletter.

Dennehof Staff

Ever-grateful to our fantastic staff that keeps us afloat and laughing when the going gets tough. Without these beautiful faces we are nothing.

Famous Avo Breakfast

We are positively glowing over guest responses to our breakfasts – nearly every review we receive makes mention of our delicious and nutritious start to the day. Happy to know we are keeping tummies well sated with all our home-made, locally sourced and produced yummies.

Karoo Veld Feast

We recently hosted our last Veld Feast of the season and Mother Nature certainly put on a show to remember.
It has been a wonderful few months of bringing this special dining experience to our guests. Weather-dependent, dinners resume from October 2022, please contact us to reserve your romantic space in the Karoo veld.

Karoo Veld Feast

We love the natural decor items the Karoo has to offer – the gorgeous Spanspekbos made for perfect room decorations the last couple of months – fresh or dried, our rooms felt spruced and Karoo chic.

Dennehof Tortoise and Ferdi

Spotted in the Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse gardens. King Ferdinand is not so sure about sharing his lands with this slow-moving, hard-shelled friend that does not understand the meaning of play time.
One of our guests christened him (her?) Prince, and we are grateful for his (her?) lawn mowing skills on our two-square meter patch of lawn.


Coffee time has evolved at Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse. Our barista has mastered the Rancilio machine fabulously, with delicious cappucinos, flat whites, and Americanos being the perfect accompaniment to our aforementioned breakfasts.


Local artisan Kashief Booley, has put his blacksmith mark on our Wagonshed Suite with this astoundingly beautiful railing. Living in a town with an endless talent pool of artists is completely refreshing and inspiring.

Easter at Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse

And then it was Easter with more Karoo veld foraging for the base of our table displays – incredible what the ‘nothingness’ of the Karoo has to offer.

We hope you enjoyed Dennehof Diaries’ “Autumn Oracles”, please stick around for our “Winter Words” and any other tidbits in between.
Thank you for your support, please come visit us soon.

Sunny Karoo greetings,
Inga, Albert and the DKG Team

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