Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse Covid-19 Plan

At Dennehof Karoo Guesthouse the well-being of our guests is very important and all COVID-19 protocols are in place.
Please contact us if you have any concerns.

We are guided by credible, accurate and up-to-date information when we add to the measures we already take to minimise risk of COVID-19 infection and ensure the safety of our guests, employees and community.

This plan outlines the additional steps we take to reduce the spread of infection and to ensure a high level of hygiene and safety.



When guests enter the property, we will prompt them to sanatise their hands.

During check in we will maintain a safe level of distancing.

We will explain our COVID-19 plan to every new guest.

In your room and in public spaces we provide:

  • Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer (>60% alcohol based)
  • Hand soap
  • Tissues
  • Disinfectants and other cleaning supplies

We keep record of guest information and movements.



Our staff are closely monitored for any COVID-19 symptoms.

Staff practice social distancing in the work environment and when interacting with guests.

Our staff have been trained to follow strict COVID-19 hygiene protocols.

Each staff member sanitises their hands between each and every guest interaction.

Our staff have been educated on the most common signs and symtoms and how to prevent contmination and the spread of COVID-19.


Cleaning Routine

We are doing our part to help our guests stay safe.  In addition to our normal cleaning routine we now also do the following:

  • Wear protective gear while we clean – the gear is disposed of or washed after each clean
  • Ventilate rooms before and during the entire cleaning process
  • Cleaning and then also disinfecting (with a prescribed disinfectant) all surfaces with special attention to frequently touched surfaces like light switches, doorknobs, cabinet handles, remote controls, etc. before guests check in.
  • Washing all linen at the highest heat setting recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Cleaning our cleaning equipment after each cleaning.

For the official and most accurate and up to date information on the Covid-19 situation in SA, please visit the Covid-19 South African Resource Portal